Next Generation of Church Leaders

All churches need strong leaders who both know about God’s Word and can effectively communicate it to people. There’s a lot that goes into leading each church, so we support and facilitate programs that help people learn how to be great church leaders! Over the past 20 years, Calvary has not only equipped each of us as we give of our time and abilities, but we have also worked alongside of others to develop the next level of church leaders. We’re working alongside of accredited colleges and universities to make courses and residencies available to those both early on in life, and those looking to pursue ministry as a second career.

the calvary leadership institute

In 2022, the Calvary Leadership Insitute hosted 13 Residents and Interns, each taking their next steps toward full-time, vocational ministry! As we have continued to develop the program in order to meet the needs of students of all ages, we have recently developed a new “ministry certificate” program through Hope International University. We have already seen 2 students start this work and there are many more who are interested in joining. In 2023, we are planning to host an additional 9 residents and interns, not including the 4 who will complete their program in the Spring.

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