Develop Church Leaders

All churches need strong leaders who both know about God’s Word and can effectively communicate it to people. There’s a lot that goes into leading each church, so we support and facilitate programs that help people learn how to be great church leaders! Over the past 20 years, Calvary has not only equipped each of us as we give of our time and abilities, but we have also worked alongside of others to develop the next level of church leaders. Through this, we have trained workers in India who have started hundreds of new churches, identified new church leaders in Romania and have raised up over 100 church workers through our internship and residency program locally.

the calvary leadership institute

We will fund the expansion of the Calvary Leadership Institute.

Through the “One Mission Campaign,” we established a formal training program for those interested in vocational ministry – we call this the Calvary Leadership Institute (CLI.) Since then, dozens of students and adults have come alongside our team in order to gain experience and credibility needed to begin their careers in church ministry.

One of the leading and growing concerns for the local church in America is the lack of well-trained church leaders and pastors. Of those churches who close their doors, the majority do so because they couldn’t find a pastor to lead, teach and shepherd. CLI exists not just to train those who are willing but also to help identify and “call” those who could serve the church through a lifetime in ministry. Through these efforts, we are making a dent in the need for church leaders across the country.

Our long-term plan is to have close to 20 interns and residents in our program annually. Under the leadership of Jonas Myers, we will be expanding our capacity for these young Kingdom workers in 2021! This includes funding for 10 Summer Interns and 4 new 2-year residents.

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