Impact At-Risk Kids + Teens

We love kids and teens! They’re not just an exciting group inside of our church, but rather the next generation of Calvary! Research shows that the majority of people form their life-long opinion about Jesus before they reach adulthood. This means that our chance to catalyze the work that Jesus will do starts now, when this generation is here, with us! Together, we work diligently to help each know and understand that they matter to us, they matter to God, and they matter to His mission! But, it doesn’t start and end inside of our walls and because of this, we’re continuing work in 2022 in order to reach even more kids and teens for years to come!

Campus Partnership Initiatives

We are directly linking arms with our local school partners to make a difference in the lives of kids and teens.

Since the, “One Mission” campaign in 2016, each of our campuses has partnered uniquely with a local school in their area in order to equip, empower and encourage those who are working with kids and teens through the education system. Our Bellevue South campus partners with Avery and Gomez Elementary and will begin sharing the work there at Gomez with our new South Omaha church plant. Our Bellevue North campus partners with Bryan Middle and High Schools. Through the guidance counselors there, we have established connections with teens and parents. Our Shadow Lake campus partners with Carriage Hill Elementary, a Title 1 school in Papillion. With the addition of the Sarpy Care Center, these partnerships now receive more resources than ever before!

Care Portal

We are keeping kids out of the local foster care system by providing for the needs of families who are at risk of losing their children.

CarePortal launched in Omaha in late 2019 and has been the conduit for help to many of those interested in taking in foster children. Through a website, we learn of tangible needs, that, if met, help families meet requirements that help them keep their children in the home. Calvary has built a team that evaluates these needs and uses funds and resources to meet them.

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