Next Generation of Believers

We love kids and teens! They’re not just an exciting group inside of our church, but rather the next generation of Calvary! Research shows that the majority of people form their life-long opinion about Jesus before they reach adulthood. This means that our chance to catalyze the work that Jesus will do starts now, when this generation is here, with us! Together, we work diligently to help each know and understand that they matter to us, they matter to God, and that they matter to His mission! But, it doesn’t start and end inside of our walls and because of this, we’re starting new work in 2020 in order to reach even more kids and teens for years to come!

Campus Partnership Initiatives

Since 2016, each of our campuses has worked to identify “partnerships” in their geographic areas in order to find new ways to serve the community around them. Tangibly, we have provided books, coats, and food for local schools. We have also mentored grade-school kids and completed numerous service projects. These efforts will continue to serve and expand as our campuses look for where God is working in order to join Him.

Through this initiative, we will fully fund our Campus Partnership programs. This includes the costs of operations to fuel each of our existing partnerships for 2020.

Kids and Teens Scholarships

Each Summer, Kids and Youth from 4th-12th grade have the opportunity to break away from their daily lives, travel and attend an age-appropriate camp or conference. These are “mountain-top” experiences for those who get to attend, but they come at a cost financially that is sometimes prohibitive. Our team has done a great job of identifying these needs and desires to meet as many as possible each year.

Through this initiative, we will fully fund Scholarships for Kids/Teens who attend Summer Trips. This provides an opportunity for dozens of families who might otherwise not be able to attend CIY, Summer Fusion or Ignite.

Backyard Orphans + Care Portal

James 1:27 calls us to, “look after orphans” in their time of need. We believe that each of us is called to play a part in this, whether we are in the game as foster care parents, or involved in some level of support. Over the past few years, Calvary has worked to provide support and grants to help those who are already on this journey. This is great, but we’re called to more. Did you know there are as many as 900 kids and teens waiting for placement in the Nebraska foster care system? As a church, we have the ability to make an even larger impact on those kids and teens who are in the foster care system. Whether you’re willing to open your home to others, or you’re willing to provide support, care and guidance, we can all play a part.

Through this initiative, we will bolster our existing Foster Care and Adoption efforts. Through a new partnership with Backyard Orphans, we will design and launch multiple levels of care for those who wish to become foster care or adoption parents. We are also helping to bring a new resource called “Care Portal” to the Omaha Metro area. This website has been serving other areas of the country and allows individuals and churches to partner directly with child welfare systems to meet real-time, personal needs.

Parent Life

Throughout our area, there are dozens of teenage single mothers and fathers in need of support. Between High School, work, relationships, and future planning, this season is challenging enough for any teen, but when you add a child to the mix, it can become much more difficult. As a church, we want to focus on empowering teens to make good choices and encouraging them to further their education and move toward independent living and become life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

Through a new partnership with Parent Life, we will increase our efforts to reach these teenage parents. In order to help, we will purchase a van in order to help get those in need to events and gatherings where they will receive care and the help they need on their journey.

Release Ministries

Across the state of Nebraska each year, hundreds of teens spend their formative years behind bars. These days, weeks and months are full of opportunities. Our efforts to share Jesus with teens don’t stop when we leave our campuses, it reaches out through the schools and into homes. Why couldn’t it reach out into the lives of teens who are in need of mentoring, education and help while incarcerated and beyond?

Through a new partnership with Release Ministries, we will help to fund a full-time female chaplain for the local juvenile detention system. Currently, services available to female inmates are limited and this will provide a much-needed resource. Organization-wide, Release is working in ten different facilities with over 350 teens each week!

Jan Pragati – Sanctity of Human Life

Abortion, Sexual Abuse, and Pornography affect all of us in some way. We all know someone whose life has been impacted by at least one of these. In some parts of the world, these issues are nearly uncontrollable and have even become, “normal.” Over the past three years, we have been working with kids in the slum areas of northern India. These kids are truly the “least of these,” and are often regarded as worthless. These areas have some of the highest levels of needs worldwide when it comes to Abortion, Sexual Abuse, and Pornography.

Through our existing partnership with Jan Pragati, we will fully fund a new program that will create education and awareness for Abortion, Sexual Abuse, and Pornography for more than 10,000 people in these high-risk areas. We will also fund a Health and Nutrition program for women who are pregnant in slum areas.

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