Impact At-Risk Kids + Teens

We love kids and teens! They’re not just an exciting group inside of our church, but rather the next generation of Calvary! Research shows that the majority of people form their life-long opinion about Jesus before they reach adulthood. This means that our chance to catalyze the work that Jesus will do starts now, when this generation is here, with us! Together, we work diligently to help each know and understand that they matter to us, they matter to God, and they matter to His mission! But, it doesn’t start and end inside of our walls and because of this, we’re continuing work in 2021 in order to reach even more kids and teens for years to come!

Campus Partnership Initiatives

We will fully fund our Campus Partnership Programs.

Since 2016, each of our campuses has worked to identify “partnerships” in their geographic areas in order to find new ways to serve the community around them. Tangibly, we have provided books, coats, and food for local schools. We have also mentored grade-school kids and completed numerous service projects. These efforts will continue to serve and expand as our campuses look for where God is working in order to join Him.

Through this initiative, we will fully fund our Campus Partnership programs. This includes the costs of operations to fuel each of our existing partnerships for 2021.

Care Portal

We will accelerate the placement of foster children through the CarePortal resource.

CarePortal launched in Omaha in late 2019 and has been the conduit for help to many of those interested in taking in foster children. Through a website, we learn of tangible needs, that, if met, would allow someone to begin taking in foster children. Calvary has built a team that evaluates these needs and seeks to meet them. Our resources will go toward the costs of meeting these needs.


We will help Single Parents save for College and develop healthy financial habits.

Through a continued partnership with ParentLife, we will develop a savings-match program in order to encourage financial savings for college. If the participant wishes to save, Calvary will come alongside them to match a portion of their contribution in addition to help educate to plan financially for their future.


We will provide counseling hours for Students and Parents in need.

Counseling opportunities in the local school community are excellent, but sometimes students and/or parents may need additional support. Through our partnership with CityCare Counseling, we will offer opportunities for those in need of counseling to receive this care at no cost for a set number of visits.

Bryan Middle & High School

We will expand the influence of Case Workers at Bryan High and Middle School.

For years, we have been serving these schools through our stocked food pantry. As the needs expand inside of the school, the need for a “Therapy Animal” has increased. Through the use of this tool, the caseworkers are able to serve more teens than they could on their own, thus expanding their influence and support.

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