Next Generation of Churches

Hard to believe, but there are still people all over the world that don’t know about the life that God has made available to us through Christ. The local church is God’s “plan A” for the spread of the Gospel and for meeting the needs of a hurting world. Church multiplication isn’t new, in fact, for years churches have spread this gospel through church planting. Over the past few years, we have not only planted churches, but we have also multiplied God’s Kingdom through campuses, and most recently through “Church Online.” In 2020, we want to continue this, but will also focus forward as we begin new efforts! Here’s what we have planned.

the local church initiative

Research shows that although church planting (including new multi-site campuses) is still an effective way of multiplication, however, the number of new churches compared to the number of existing, local churches who are closing their doors is staggering. On the low side, for every 1 church that opens nationally, there are 2 that will close. These churches that are closing are in need of new life, new vision, new ideas and most of all, revitalization. We want to come alongside of these churches before they close their doors in hopes of continuing the great work God has for them, where they already are. We call this the Local Church Initiative.

Through this new initiative, we will begin work with local churches in our area who are in need of revitalization. This includes the possibility of coaching others, future campuses – or church plants. This is a huge effort and will require both help from additional staff and resources needed for these churches to utilize. We believe we can help as many as 10 churches over the coming 3 years.

church online expansion

Since January of 2019, we have offered our weekend services “online” as an option to attend. In doing this, we are providing an alternative way to “gather together” with us as we each grow to “live and love” in our lives. Since beginning this journey, we now have as many as 200 people attending each weekend from places near and far. We have begun leading discussions through facilitation and have even seen people who attend online travel to one of our locations in order to get baptized! In short, this is an exciting new resource that is reaching beyond our walls and changing lives. Research shows that the majority of people who choose to “check out” a church will do so online first, so we want to keep doing our best to expand this ministry.

In 2020, we will expand our capabilities for Church Online. Through this initiative, we will bolster the technology systems needed to continue to grow and scale this exciting new resource. We will also continue to “give together” as we form teams who will serve those who attend online.

Church Planting Support

In 2014, we joined with other metro-area churches in order to help launch a new church in our area. Through this effort, Restore Community Church was planted in the Millard area. This church continues to meet today and has recently gone through its first leadership transition. Through this initiative, we will help to catalyze the work happening at Restore Community Church. Under new leadership, this church is ready for the next season of ministry, however, there are one-time projects needed to help re-establish this church for years to come.

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