Start + Strengthen Churches

It’s hard to believe, but there are still people all over the world that don’t know about the life that God has made available to us through Christ. The local church is God’s “plan A” for the spread of the Gospel and for meeting the needs of a hurting world. Church multiplication isn’t new, in fact, for years churches have spread this gospel through church planting. Over the past few years, we have not only planted churches, but we have also multiplied God’s Kingdom through campuses, and most recently through “Church Online.” In 2021, we want to continue this, but will also focus forward as we begin new efforts! Here’s what we have planned.

the local church initiative

We will continue our work with Local Churches in our area who are in need of revitalization.

The “Local Church Initiative” started this year with the goal in mind to help churches on the verge of closing, see revitalization. Under the leadership of Jim Hardy, we are already 1⁄3 of the way toward our 3-year goal of helping 10 churches. In 2021, we will continue this work by deepening our partnerships through coaching and grants which will catalyze the work. Jim is also working to raise up 2-3 others who could work alongside these churches as coaches in order to multiply the efforts.

Collective Church

We will help start a brand new church here in the Omaha Metro area.

“Collective Church” is a new church plant, hoping to launch in the next year under the leadership of former Calvary student, Drew Milliken. Drew has assembled a Management Team and is beginning the process of defining the church and launch strategy. Calvary has committed to supporting this work through ways of prayer and leadership, but specifically through a 3-year financial commitment.

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