Wow! What a year 2019 has been! Although it’s not over, I wanted to take a moment to share what God has done through our church family – plus look ahead to what we believe is in store for 2020!
Last year around this time, we introduced you to something called the “Impact Fund.” This was a fund designated to help our church take new ground for the Kingdom – an opportunity to expand our reach and to find new areas to impact. Through your help and generosity, we are doing more than ever before in our community and our world, but as more and more people come to find a new life in Christ, we believe there is more that we can do together.

Through the effort last year, we were determined to reach higher and deeper through goals and efforts of ministry. We dedicated ourselves toward paying off our debt – and with your help, we are on track to do this before the end of 2019! We said that we wanted to see as many as 950 Kids and Teens impacted through our Summer programs (250 more than the previous summer) – and we did exactly that! As a church, we are now seeing more than 250 more people “gathering together” on Thursdays and Sunday mornings than we did at this time last year and through this growth, we are now starting to see progress toward our goals of seeing more people baptized, growing together in groups and giving together as they serve. Think about this: more people, making an impact through the local church – what could be better?

Our team took this challenge on, and as we prayed and looked for where God was working, we were ultimately led toward many new opportunities to impact, most of which will help us grow new roots here in our own area, where we live. As you look through the pages of this book you’ll see God’s fingerprints all over where our impact could be. We have always been a church that cares about those around us, but why not do more?
What if we could help create a new way for those in the local prison system to learn and hear about Jesus? What if we could provide resources for people who have been called to open their homes to children who are in need of adoption or foster care? What if we could educate tens of thousands of people on issues such as abortion and sexual abuse in an area of the world where this is the absolute worst? What if we could help single, teen moms access the help and community that they need to become the mothers they were called to be? What if we could provide a Christian counseling center in our area and counseling hours to those who are in need of spiritual, mental, or relational help? I could go on and on, but the answer is, we can make an impact – and we will!

Our hope is that as you look at and pray about how to respond to these opportunities, you will desire to be a part of this work and help impact many lives! It will take something from each of us though, something just a little more than we’re used to giving. When it comes to our time, it may mean saying “no” to something in order to say “yes” to a new opportunity to serve others. When it comes to our finances, it may mean looking for ways to save and to dig just a little deeper in order to help us raise the $300,000 needed to do these initiatives. Whatever it is, take the time to listen to what God is asking of you – and be ready to respond! Throughout Calvary’s history, we’ve proven time and again that when we give together God shows up and does incredible things in the lives of those who are yet to experience Him. Let’s do this again!

Church, we couldn’t be more excited about this season. Not only is it a time to reflect on God’s gift to us, His Son, Jesus – but it’s also a time to give to others. We’ve got a real, tangible and most of all, huge opportunity ahead of us. Will you join us as we look to make an even greater impact in 2020?

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